With Lenny Clarke, comedy scene was set in Boston as early as in the year 1980’s. Over a period of time, comedy has changed and Boston has seen all those changes. With many comedy clubs around, this place thrives with night clubs that feature comedy acts. Let’s look at the coolest three places which can make you laugh harder than you ever thought:

  • Kowloon KomedyKowloon Komedy: This spot is in Kowloon Restaurant which is best known for its Asian Cuisine and stand up comedians. Awesome food with amazing comedic performances can definitely be a good combination and this place has seen it all. Big names like Frank Santos – The R – Rated Hypnotist and Bostonians Love make the place lively in addition to many more stand-up comedians.
  • Comedy Studio: This place has always featured names which became big in Hollywood. Today, the place is abuzz with comedy shows and people with great talent. Here people can enjoy their dinner and drinks with a great dose of comedy on a regular basis. The place can be found situated in Harvard Square. Once there, take the stairs and go to the third floor where the comedy studio is located and let your hair down. This place can definitely make you laugh like there is no tomorrow.
  • The Wilbur Theatre: Kathy Griffin, Jimmy Fallon and many other famous personalities are associated with this place. The Wilbur Theatre is a place where one can expect to catch big names. A lot of famous comedians can be seen here. Though the art is not limited to comedy shows as there are other live performances also featured here, the place is best known for the awesome comedy shows that are staged there. Cross your fingers while buying the tickets for a show here and you might get lucky to see one of the famous faces on the stage waiting for you to enter.