Juggling isn’t easy and takes time and patience. Some of the jugglers are very good at it and have successfully made a name for themselves out of juggling. Enrico Rastelli is one of them. He was not just a juggler; he was a sensation across the globe. He was internationally known for his juggling tricks and skills. He was a master at balancing and in addition to it had a charming personality. So, who was actually Enrico Rastelli?

Enrico Rastelli - The Famous JugglerEnrico Rastelli was an Italian born in Russia on 19th December 1896. He took his last breath in Bergamo, Italy on 13th December 1931. An outstanding performer, he was a complete package and was an amazing acrobat. He was destined to be a performer. Born in a circus family, Enrico Rastelli learned balancing, juggling, acrobatics and aerial acts from a very young age. Instead of picking up anything for juggling (like it was popular in those days to pick bottles, hats etc), he chose to stick with plates, balls, and sticks.

Being one of the most popular jugglers of all times, Enrico Rastelli was a celebrity of his time. He used to visit Europe and America to perform and act. The secret to his flawless performances was the strict discipline that he used to follow in order to practice this art. Today, many are inspired by him and look up to him for inspiration. He made Kimono famous as a costume. He used to wear a silk kimono during his performances.

His contribution to the juggling world can’t be denied for he converted it into an art. Combination tricks, world records in juggling, charming personality and his influence has made an impact on a lot of people in a very positive way. Even today, most of the jugglers stick to plates, balls and sticks like him. He is an idol for many.