Everybody loves a good laugh. Not only is comedy something completely natural to humans, it must have been around ever since we morphed into our enhanced language-speaking form, thousands of years ago. Has anyone wondered if cave men were huddled around their fire at night, growling and watching a fellow group member doing a gig? Perhaps not. Today it is as much a part of our modern culture, as eating out in a restaurant. Comedians of today are all about entertainment, and they seem like they are laughing along with us during their shows; is it all fun and games?

shutterstock_127956392The character of the comedian

They say that a rough time in life builds character. Can there be the comedian without character? Bill Hicks could be a good example of this type of comedian; the sarcastic, cynical kind. Commenting on the world, and society, through glasses of gloom. He turned out to be one of those true legends of laughter. George Carlin was another, known for his love of the taboo and his critical nature. Today fame and glory has taken over comedy, as comedians, such as Rusell Peters, and Jerry Seinfeld, earn upwards of $20 million dollars per year. For theatre and comedy new and events read more on leftofcentercomedy.com.

Which comedians do we really find funny?

As comedy and celebrity become synonymous, perhaps those playing the significant roles of a comedian lose sight of what good comedy is; perhaps we lose sight of what a good laugh should feel like. Comedy should be about normal, everyday things. The comedian should be a part of our sub-conscious; reflecting the obscurity of life back onto us, thereby relieving us of it, just for that moment. Laughing is so healthy for us as it releases tension in the body. When a stand-up comedian can make us laugh can make us feel more human, that is priceless.