Stand up comedy is the best way to laugh, relax and unwind. Nowadays there are clubs all around America where stand-up comedians perform their acts. Some of them have got good food and ambiance too. Well, in reality, the crowd today wants something new. And this something new is there in the old yet revived stand-up comedy acts. Some of the major contributors to the thriving scene of stand-up comedy in America are:

George Carlin

George CarlinKnown for his awesome timing, content, and sense, George Carlin is definitely a favorite of many. This stand-up comedian never cracks jokes; rather he talks about how he sees things. He has inspired many and continues to do it even today. Known to be one of the most honest, fearless and a philosophizer; many people look up to him for inspiration.

Louis CK

He is not only popular as a stand-up comedian, but he also has got other titles like actor, writer, director and producer to name a few. He can make people laugh till their tummy aches. He talks about everyday life and things that are real and happening all around us. The way he talks about them is what makes the whole thing hilarious. Fans never miss his show and he ensures that his fans keep following him.

Dave Chappelle

African American who ended up being a stand-up comedian with more than one skill under his belt. Yes, David Chappelle is also known for being a screenwriter, actor, and producer. This guy excels at making people laugh and is definitely one of the favorites of many Americans. His comedy, unlike others, is not just based on mundane matters, but beyond all that.

There are many more. Some of the names have made it big in Hollywood and some are doing just great in clubs, shows, and other venues.