Stand Up comedy is nothing less than an art. Performers are supposed to be witty and be aware of facts in order to be applauded when performing. No matter how easy it looks when someone goes up on the stage and cracks jokes, proper preparation and study is required to deliver that bone tickling performance. Many stand-up comedians moved to Hollywood in no time and earned a name for themselves. These names became an inspiration for many.

Stand Up ComedyToday, whether it is Washington, Boston or any other major city in the USA, people can be seen visiting these clubs and restaurants after work or on a weekend to grab good food, drinks and stand-up comedy performances. Some of these places charge for tickets while others offer this entertainment free of cost. There are many places where comedy performances are staged every evening and some have fixed days. The fact is that with so much stress and pressure in metro cities, these stand-up comedy performances make it easy for people to unwind and relax for a while.

Some of the theaters and amphitheaters also stage these shows and they are always a big success. Many well-known stand-up comedians organize their own shows and tours across the globe. Stand up comedies are a success in America and it is going to be this way for a long time because these stand-up acts are not just limited to cracking jokes, but many important and current topics are also discussed here, but with a humorous note. Political dark comedies are more popular in Washington areas when compared to other places in the United States of America.

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