Juggling is an old art. Initially it was mostly part of the circus routine; however, today it has extended its roots to restaurants, events, nightclubs and even parties. A lot of famous jugglers were good at acrobatics and other tricks too. Let’s learn more about the top three jugglers of all time to better understand their similarities and how they grew up to be what they were:

Paul Cinquevalli

Paul CinquevalliHe was born in 1859 and was named Paul Braun-Lehmann. Later, he became popular by the name of “Cinquevalli”. There is a story behind this new stage name as well. It was specifically given to him because he once vanished with an Italian acrobatic troupe. He was an amazing juggler and mostly juggled with steel balls, hats, umbrellas, cues and normal balls. He had a huge fan following who appreciated his juggling skills.

Bobby May

Another great juggler of this era was Bobby May. This was his stage name but his real name was Ludwig Mayer. This outstanding performer was born in 1907 and lived till 1981. He like many other jugglers of those times, started out very early. He was merely 15 years old when he starting performing at his own shows. In the initial days, he used to put his act together with a partner, however later on he gradually moved to solo performances. This is when he started getting more popular and made a name for himself.

Francis Brunn

He is known as “A man with three sticks”. Francis Brunn was known for his amazingly put together acts of juggling with sticks. His acts used to be flawless and he performed then at a lightning speed. He used to use his while juggling and it became his trademark style in later years. He was one of the best jugglers of his time.

All three jugglers discussed above are shining examples of how popular juggling has been.